Installing and connecting to a GUI in Proxmox LXC

Heres a short guide to installing a desktop environment in our Linux container and remotely connecting to it using x2go client.

  1. in Proxmox, create a container

  2. update our dependencies

     apt update and upgrade
  3. install a desktop environment, we are going to install xfce4

      apt install xfce4 -y
  4. choose either gdm3 or lightDM as your preferred display manager

  5. install x2goserver and x2goserver-xsession so we can use the client to connect to it later

     apt install x2goserver x2goserver-xsession -y
  6. create a new user to be added in later. This is because ssh doesn't allow connection via root user

     adduser user1
  7. install the x2go client on another PC. download link can be found here:

  8. connect to the remote Linux container. Enter login, which is the username we just created and also the host, which is the IP address of where our Linux container is. Session type select XFCE

  9. Now we can remotely connect to our containers using a GUI